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Nextt Group Case Study

Delivering tailored disability support services across Australia with MYOB Advanced


Case Study Overview

Industry: Profesional Services

Location: Australia

Product: MYOB Advanced

Services: MYOB Advanced consulting, implementation and ongoing support

Overview: Nextt Group provides support for people with mental and physical disabilities in states along the east coast of Australia, through a staff of 2,500 professionals.


Growing complexity of multi-company structure

Nextt has experienced major growth in demand for its support and care services since its inception in 2003. Its revenue comes from a mixture of funding sources, including state and federal government grants from the likes of Home Care and NDIS, as well as private organisations. It runs more than a dozen different programmes and eventually, this structure took its toll on Nextt’s financial management systems.

  • Cumbersome multiple data silos

  • Disparate finance systems

  • Too much manual work

  • Poor reporting capability

“We were running six different finance systems, each linked to a separate operational database, as a legacy of multiple acquisitions. This meant that we had limited financial transparency, and timing and accuracy of our financial reporting was low, with frequent manual interventions. The accuracy and reliability of numbers was a real problem for us; we didn’t have the time to reconcile discrepancies. Our entire finance team was just churning out numbers, and we had very little ability to drill down and understand business performance.”

Mark Mulder, Nextt Group


Consolidating multiple financial systems with MYOB Advanced

Leverage Technologies was instrumental in helping Nextt build a new Chart of Accounts, and overseeing the complex mapping and integration of consolidating multiple systems with MYOB Advanced. MYOB Advanced was selected for its functionality, flexibility and competitive price.

Leverage Technologies performed consulting and implementation of the MYOB Advanced system for Nextt Group.

Why did Nextt Group choose MYOB Advanced?

  • Cloud-based ERP system with functionality required to manage multi-company accounting

  • Fully hosted and supported in the Cloud – flexible system

  • Competitive pricing model

  • Integrated data analytics in real-time

We were influenced in our choice of MYOB Advanced knowing we’d have a partner that could help deliver the platform we required. Leverage Technologies has been very structured, organised and professional.

Mark Mulder, Nextt Group


Real-time reporting and centralised database

With Advanced, Nextt now has a centralised database, and its finance teams in its regional centres are able to access information via the cloud. This increased depth of knowledge has brought greater operational efficiency. The interface with the Carelink CRM package means invoices are dropped automatically into MYOB Advanced. Debtor and creditor management, invoicing and receipting have all been streamlined, and finance staff estimate the level of paperwork has fallen by 60%.

  • Consolidated central database

  • Manual process automated

  • Vastly improved reporting and analytics

  • Greater operational efficiency

  • Streamlined company structure achieved

“This is a massive benefit, which has totally transformed our business. “The reporting we get from Advanced is fantastic; the biggest benefit is being able to align our financial and operating data. We can look at the programmes, the revenues, the direct costs and the growth margins, and align that back to hours of service so we can understand the actual drivers of the business.”

Mark Mulder, Nextt Group


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