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KPI Reporting Dashboard – Power BI Reporting for MYOB Advanced

Almost any ERP solution, Cloud or otherwise will do the primary job that it is designed for – to collect and record what has occurred in the business via the entry and coding of day to day transactions across the business.

And that’s great – every business needs a system of record but the days of manually poring over reports printed out on reams of paper to identify issues, anomalies and trends is well and truly over thanks to the next generation of data analysis and visualisation tools.

From the ubiquity of Microsoft Excel to the latest in BI tools such as Power BI from Microsoft and SAP Lumira, there is no shortage of tools to choose from to convert that transactional data in to meaning visualisations.

A state of the art solution should support all these tools and make it easy for the average user to use it – thanks to the support of oData standards in MYOB Advanced you can.

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General Ledger Software Module in MYOB Advanced

Features of the KPI Reporting Dashboard component for MYOB Advanced


Integrated Reporting
As you would expect, MYOB Advanced incorporates a standard report designer that allows you to create quick and easy transaction reports, audit trail reporting and of course ubiquitous forms such as invoices , statements quotes and PO’s.

Integrated Dashboards
For simple  single layer dashboards constructed from Generic Inquiries and widgets in MYOB Advanced this capability is included out of the box.

oData Integration

MYOB Advanced data can be exposed using web services, integration tools, and reporting tools. Web services and integration tools expose data from specific MYOB Advanced screens – so they make data available using the standard data classes.  Reporting tools allow you to mix and match data tables to expose any data you need.

The generic inquiry writer is a reporting tool that can access any data in MYOB Advanced, including data stored in customised fields, and publish it. The OData formatting option exposes the data in the Open Data Format supported by business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Excel Integration
Microsoft Excel has been for many years, the tool of choice to access, format and report on data from Financial Management Solutions like MYOB Advanced so its no surprise that MYOB Advanced has the topic of Excel integration well covered. Almost any data grid, screen or report can be instantly exported to Excel and in most cases a live read-only link is created that allows instant refresh of the data from Excel without going back to MYOB Advanced to regenerate the report.

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More features of the KPI Dashboard Reporting


Opportunity Management: Opportunities provide a central place where team members can collaborate to describe deals, assign tasks, and record activities. Each opportunity is linked to items in your product catalog so when deals close, your finance team can quickly issue an invoice.
Partner Management: MYOB Advanced allows you to assign leads to internal and external users. Detailed access controls allow your partners to manage accounts so your reporting provides a consolidated view of all your sales channels.
Approvals and Workflow: Manage permissions for each screen object and customize approvals to match your sales processes. Restrict rights to specific customer accounts to limit exposure of key sales activities.
Email Templates: Utilize email templates to send prospects and customers professional looking emails that are consistent with branding guidelines. Responses to emails sent from MYOB Advanced are automatically tracked.
Dashboards and Favorites: Administrators can create announcements and default dashboards which can be customized by each salesperson to match their individual needs. Dashboards and favorites link salespeople to real-time information delivered in tabular or graphical form.
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