MYOB Advanced SaaS and The Benefits Of “Renting” A Sophisticated ERP Software

MYOB Advanced SaaS - Renting ERP software

The MYOB Advanced SaaS offering is today adopted by many businesses around Australia to streamline day to day operations, get better financial insights and grow smart.

Small and medium-size businesses are embracing SaaS for Cloud deployments because it provides enterprise-grade capabilities at small business cost plus all the tools you need to grow your business without “breaking the bank”.

In this article we are going to explore how the MYOB Advanced SaaS offering can give your organisation access to an affordable, flexible yet powerful Enterprise Resource Planning system when your basic accounting software is no longer enough.


Explanation and Benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS)

“Renting” software is now the new normal for many small to mid-size companies that want to be free of upfront expenses and time-consuming support of on-site, IT equipment and software.

SaaS lets you have your data warehoused in the cloud to alleviate the construction and maintenance of an in-house, information technology infrastructure.

The result?

  • Initial costs are significantly lower compared to software licenses offering time-period driven subscriptions that is inclusive of “maintenance, upgrades, and customer support along with providing application programming interfaces.”
  • Easy integration with an experienced vendor.
  • Quick installation of updates and upgrades are an advantage with the advancements that have evolved in the SaaS concept.
  • Quickly adopt add-on solutions to maintain competitive growth.
  • Fast implementation time is realized when you select an expert vendor that offers “pre-optimized and pre-configured software made available over a web browser.”


SaaS Considerations and Questions

Did you know that 64% of small businesses are already using an average of three SaaS solutions? This is because SaaS-based solutions allow small businesses to grow and scale their operations by “automating daily tasks and enhancing critical processes”, at a fraction of the cost.

What are the key aspects to consider when evaluating a Cloud-based solution that is delivered “as a Service” to your business?

  • Ownership of data is important if you decide to sever the contract or the vendor goes out of business.
    • Accessibility of data;
    • Ability to export data;
  • Server downtime policies should be discussed regarding the procedures, and it recommended that “vendors have backup systems built on solid cloud infrastructures like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.”
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) should be reviewed and discussed regarding possible customizations offered.
  • Customer Support expectations to understand channels of support and vendor’s turnaround time?
  • Onboarding and training review to understand the ease or complexity.
  • Vendor experience, customer base, and credibility are extremely important to secure your business operations with “disaster recovery expertise, corporate stability, and industry leadership.”


MYOB Advanced SaaS and the advantages of “renting ERP”

MYOB Advanced is the expert in Cloud-based, ERP software that allows small to mid-size companies to gain the affordable power, flexibility, and efficiency they need from a Business Management Solution. MYOB Advanced SaaS can be easily purchased through one of the accredited and experienced MYOB Advanced Partners.

  • Monthly subscription fees are based on the plan, Standard, Plus, or Enterprise, plus quantity and type of licenses selected.
    • Additional storage is available when needed with alerts sent at 90% storage used.
    • Easy to scale up or down.
  • Saves time and money of managing hardware and maintaining software.
    • Performs those worrisome administrative duties of “nightly backups, software updates, and continuous monitoring and tuning.”
    • Automated back-ups and snapshot back-ups utilized.
    • Routine maintenance performed with timely alerts.
    • Disaster recovery is quick with its additional layer of protection using an additional geographic zone data centre back-up for all transactional data.
  • Security is included with the highest performance available.
    • Users are given individual security criteria.
    • Each customer’s data is stored in a separate database.
    • Data never stored on user’s computer.
    • Data never remains in the browser.
    • Transmissions are encrypted.
    • Intrusion Detection System keeps any unauthorized intruder attempts blocked with an investigation initiated.
    • Continuous virus protection monitors system.
  • Performance is dependable and consistent throughout the day with reserved resources for peak-usage times.
  • Sandbox feature is a duplicate environment for testing of new rollouts, adding staff, and add-on solutions.
  • Amazon Web Services is the hosting infrastructure.
    • Accessibility available from “any web browser on any internet-connected device.”
  • Oracle MySQL server is where your database is stored.
  • Compliant with “regulations, standards, and best practices.”

For more information, check this in-depth MYOB Advanced overview guide.


Want to learn more about MYOB Advanced SaaS?

Software as a Service has changed the way business use and pay for technology solutions. MYOB Advanced brings about the benefits of a comprehensive ERP solution for small and medium-sized enterprises with the advantages of the Cloud.

As an experienced MYOB Advanced implementation partner, we have in-depth knowledge of consulting, implementing and supporting MYOB Advanced for companies of many industries and sizes. We can provide answers to all of your concerns and guide you to the best subscription solution.

For more information, call us on 1300 045 046 or email today.

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